Bored? Stressed? Try learning something new!

Learning can be good for your mental health – especially in these trying times. It gives us something to focus on rather than the endless round of Covid-19 problems – and it enables us to do something positive with our time when so many other options are restricted.

The CWU has negotiated a range of courses across the country (these sometimes differ in different parts of the UK because education funding is devolved locally).

English, Maths & ICT (up to Level 2)

(Currently available in Greater London Authority and East Midlands – more to come)

These courses can be undertaken via workbooks or online.

Contact Neal Colpitts on 07527 965604 or

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Bite Size English & Maths (5-10 minutes a day)


These 5 minute English and maths workouts are provided by Wranx.

They can be done on your smartphone or computer.

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Vocational Qualifications (Level 2)

(England & Scotland)

The Skills Network offer a range of Vocational Courses that can be completed either online or via workbooks. Due to the government’s decision to devolve funding, these courses are available dependent on your home address. Funding is available for most of England and Scotland. If funding is not currently available in your area, you will be offered a complimentary CPD course while The Skills Network continue to negotiate funding.

e-Careers Professional and Certificated Training

(All CWU members)

eCareers provide hundreds of online courses for us through our Left Click Plus platform.

These courses all have fees chargable but they are offered at discount rates with an additional 10% off if you quote the CWU10 discount code.

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Music Lessons Anywhere


Our friends at Music Lessons Anywhere offer music lessons over the internet.

The first lesson is free.

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CWU Member Courses

(All CWU Members)

We offer a range of bespoke courses, from our popular Family History and Creative Writing courses to IT and Labour History and much more.

Visit the Member Courses section to find out more.