Learning Together 3 / Dysgu Gyda’n Gilydd 3

All our members are Key Workers and the CWU WULF (Wales Union Learning Fund) project would like to support you, your families, friends and colleagues living and working in Wales with access to on-line learning opportunities. Our current WULF project commenced 1st April 2020 and will end 31st March 2021.

These learning opportunities can provide you with skills for your current role, fill gaps to apply for promotion and even change your career! They can also provide you with methods to enhance digital inclusion as well as providing support for your Health and Well-being.

For members we have free on-line courses via CWU Leftclick which can be accessed via www.cwu.org/leftclick. These courses may help you in your daily life; at work, at home, for your personal development, for your hobbies – or just for the fun of it! Some of the courses have been produced by the CWU, others are signposted by additional providers.

For both CWU members and non-members there are many on-line providers and thousands of on-line courses available to you. The choice is yours and we can assist with not only finding the course you want but also funding up to £200.00 (two hundred pounds) of the course fees.