Attending Courses

Branches will recall LTB 442/08 – Setting Up Regional Education and Training Courses and in particular paragraph 5, the content of which is reproduced below:

In line with CWU Policy and Rule, members travel and subsistence remuneration for attendance at CWU organised education and training courses should be met by Branches. However, the Education & Training Department may be able to assist with Regional venue room hire costs, tea, coffee and lunch. Authorisation when costings are provided by Branches should be obtained in advance from Trish Lavelle, Head of Education & Training.

Previous Education & Training Dept. budgets have allowed for a certain amount of discretion when requests for assistance to provide lunch at regional courses were received. This is no longer the case.

Students should now arrange to use their subsistence remuneration for lunch for the duration of any Regional Education and Training courses.

It remains the case however, that if any branch is prevented from participating in courses due to financial difficulties requests for assistance may be addressed to the SDGS.

Any enquiries regarding this should be addressed to the Education and Training Department on 0208 971 7340 or via e-mail to