How To Succeed At Writing Applications

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How To Succeed At Writing Applications is a three-week course created by the University of Sheffield and has been made available for free through FutureLearn.

It covers:

Understanding your skills

  • Analysing job adverts and course descriptions
  • Researching the organisation
  • Promoting yourself through positive writing
  • Mastering applicant tracking systems
  • Creating a personal brand
  • Dealing with gaps in your application

CVs and covering letters

  • Making a positive impression
  • Creating an effective CV
  • Developing a professional online profile
  • Selling yourself in your covering letter
  • Exploring sample CVs and covering letters

Application forms and personal statements

  • How to approach application forms
  • Structuring your responses with the STAR technique
  • Responding to competency-based, strength-based, motivational and situational judgement questions
  • How to write a brilliant personal statement

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The free version of the course is available for three weeks from the day you enrol.

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