Introduction To CWU Equality

The Equality, Education and Development department plays a key role in campaigning on equality issues on behalf of the CWU, and is central to the union’s commitment to promote dignity and fairness for all.

Our work is shaped by members and activists, and the democratic policies we make as a union. Through our policies and commitments to equality, we are able to support CWU members and activists, and work with other like-minded organisations to help build a social movement for change.

In this section, you will find information on our equality priorities, what we look like in terms of our diversity make-up and what work we have been doing to support out members and representatives in and out of the workplace, including our work on tackling racism and sexual harassment. We hope you find it useful.


CWU Equality Structure

The CWU has developed an equality structure in order to provide CWU members and representatives with the ability to voice good practice and concerns.

The Equality, Education and Development team, and our Equality Strand leads, are an integral part of this structure.

To find out more about our equality structures and meeting arrangements, please access our Equality Leads Structure booklet in the Document Library.



The CWU is committed to creating environments where every member is afforded equal opportunity.

Each year, the CWU Equality, Education and Development department collect diversity information from our membership database. Collecting this type of information is important. It helps us to understand what we look like and allows us to examine where problems of under representation areas exist, giving us opportunities to take action to improve the voices and representation of all our members.

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