Recruiting CWU Members

The Recruiting CWU Members resource (below) consists of nine individual sections that can be used to increase the skills, knowledge and confidence of any CWU representative when it comes to recruiting new members into the CWU.

The modules can be delivered in any order and in any combination – you could just run a single session within an existing representatives meeting, design a full day combining three or four sessions to create your own workshop or plan to do a series of half-day workshops throughout the year, completing two or three sessions each time.

You as a branch decide which modules you think your representatives need; you do not need to deliver all nine.

Each section has individual recommended timings of either 30 to 45 minutes for a whole group or 1 hour to 1 hour 15 minutes for smaller groups or pairs which can feedback into a whole group discussion.

Each section contains a single activity workbook for representatives to take notes in, all the resources needed to facilitate the session and a workbook containing support notes for the representative facilitating the session.

The session can be run by whomever the branch feels is the best person suited to the role and included are support notes which are designed to help the facilitator to stimulate discussion. As added support we have also held an overview session with the regional ULR leads on how the resources can be used so they are able to assist branches if needed.

Included are also links to some useful clips that could be used when recruiting CWU members.

Please scroll to the bottom of the page for instructions for use.

Instructions For Use

As you hover over each of the boxes around the edges, it will show you the recommended timing for that particular session.

If you click on each of the boxes around the edges it will take you to a new page which will show you the tasks for the session as well as more detail for the timings of the session. In the bottom left hand corner will be a box for accessing the printable materials for the sessions.

If you click on the “Click here for printable activities” box it will take you to a new page which will show you on the left the “Student Activity Booklet” for the module, in the middle any resources used for the session (if the middle is blank there are no resources for the module) and on the right the “Support Notes Booklet” for the module.

If you click on any of these boxes it will open each of the materials in a new tab for you to download or print.

The box in the bottom right of the front page “Links to Useful Clips” when clicked on will take you to a page with some links for clips that can be used.

If you click on the black X in the top right hand corner of any of the pages it will return you to the front page.