Equality Strands

The CWU Equality, Education & Development department has responsibility for four equality strands: Race, Disability, Gender and Sexual Orientation.



The CWU Rule Book has written in it a Rule that every Branch shall have a BAME Officer. BAME stands for Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic. As part of pushing a positive agenda on proportionality, the CWU is keen to see our union structures reflective of the membership that we serve.

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The CWU has a proud record of being ‘disability confident’. Our department gives hands-on, practical advice to CWU members and their reps in relation to personal cases. In addition to this, we have opened the door to lots of awareness around various health issues.

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A woman’s place is in her union! This is one of the mantras that this union absolutely believes in when it comes to respecting the powerful role that women have. The CWU knows that there are still so many unfair challenges that lie in the path of women, both in the workplace and in wider society, which is why we are pushing a number of really important projects that have women’s interests at their heart.

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Sexual Orientation

LGBT+ people in Britain have seen really positive advances in the last few decades. As a trade union, we can be proud of the part we played in those achievements. However, serious problems remain and unions still have work to do.

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