Proportionality Report

2023 Report

The CWU is committed to creating an environment where every member can thrive. Each year, we collect diversity data from our membership database. Collecting and analysing our data is important. It helps us to understand what we look like and allows us to examine where problem areas exists, giving us opportunities to take a strategic lead to improve the representation and voices of minority groups.

In 2022, we made progressive advances. Expanding on the information we publish, our CWU annual proportionality reports now provide transparency on a broader range of diversity groups and cover a wider selection of union positions.

This year we have continued with our work on improving the data we collect. The CWU 2023 Proportionality Report now includes the diversity make-up of National BT industrial teams. This is a positive move forward, enabling us to examine proportionality and representation on more of our national decision-making committees.

Click here for our full 2023 Proportionality Report.