CWU Mentoring Exchange Scheme

The CWU Mentoring Exchange Scheme has been designed to encourage and inspire new and existing CWU representatives to advance their personal skills and knowledge, and provide a forum to discuss any barriers they may be facing.

Our current cohort of mentors are a mix of senior CWU activists from national and regional industrial and non-industrial backgrounds.

The scheme affords mentees access to ‘one-on-one’ sessions with their mentor every six weeks for a total of 12 months.

Individual sessions have been structured to help mentees set personal goals and access support to help them grow and thrive.

Mentee applications will be advertised each year via a Letter to Branches (LtB) and via other communications channels.

A booklet has been produced to provide a structured approach to the CWU’s Mentoring Exchange Scheme. Click here to download a copy of this Mentoring Guide.

For more information, please contact equality&