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Mary Seacole was a pioneering nurse who complemented her knowledge of traditional medicine with European medical ideas. She funded her own journey to the Crimea to establish the British Hotel to care for the sick and wounded. Her reputation rivalled that of Florence Nightingale at the time but she did not receive the same recognition from British historians. Wider retelling of her story and a new statue at St Thomas’ Hospital are helping to redress that.

Mary Seacole Statue Unveiled

This short report from 5 News shows the unveiling of the Mary Seacole statue in the grounds of St Thomas’ Hospital.

Creole Doctress, Nurse and Healer

β€œIn Crimea during 1854–5 Mary Seacole demonstrated that her home-grown Jamaican practice of hygiene, healthy food, natural remedies and kindness – had a lot more to offer than traditional medicine, making her nursing practice a far more modern, holistic one that people might have imagined.”

This article by historian Helen Rappaport discusses Mary Seacole’s nursing experience.

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Angel Of The Crimea

This documentary was produced by Channel 4 in 2005.

Wonderful Adventures of Mrs. Seacole in Many Lands

By Mary Seacole (1805-1881). London: James Blackwood Paternoster Row, 1857.

Mary Seacole’s autobiography has been digitally archived by the University Of Pennsylania and is available to read for free online.

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