Putney Debates

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Between 28th October and 11th November 1647, after the initial defeat of King Charles I in the first phase of the English Civil War, representatives of the New Model Army and the radical Levellers met in a church in Putney to debate the future of England. There was much to discuss: who should be allowed to vote, civil liberties and religious freedom. The debates were inconclusive, but the ideas aired in Putney had a considerable influence on centuries of political thought.

A War Of Ideas

Professor Justin Champion explores the concepts and ideas contested during the English Civil War, from the divine right of kings to the parliamentary sovereignty. Captions can be enabled within the video.

Who were the Diggers, Levellers and Ranters?

Professor Justin Champion introduces the diggers, levellers and ranters of the English Civil War. Captions can be enabled within the video.

What were the Putney Debates?

Professor Justin Champion discusses the Putney Debates, a crucial moment in the history of ideas to come out of the English Civil War. Captions can be enabled in the video.

Paul Foot On The Putney Debates

An audio recording of Paul Foot’s 1991 lecture on the Putney Debates, recorded at Marxism 1991.