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This course is one of a series created for the CWU by Music Lessons Anywhere. It is delivered by Carol Hodge a singing tutor and performer who as well as being a critically acclaimed solo artist, compared to Carole King, has also worked with Steve Ignorant, Ryan Hamilton, The Membranes and The Ginger Wildheart Band.

Lesson 1: Four Stages Of Voice Production

In this section Carol will take us through a physical warm up, the four stages of voice production, engaging the breath and a breathing stamina exercise.

Lesson 2: Full Vocal Workout

In this section Carol will take us through a full vocal workout including, sirens, vowels, scales and arpeggios and finally a lyric exercise.

Lesson 3: Vocal Registers & Placement

In this section we will look at and experiment with vocal registers, including vocal fry, chest register, head register and mix register.

Lesson 4: Performance Process

In this section Carol takes us through the step by step process of learning a song, how to rehearse a song, finishing touches and performance tips.

See Carol Perform ‘Fallibility’

See Carol perform her song Fallibility, from the album Hold On To That Flame.

Next Steps

We hope you have enjoyed this course.

If you would like to continue your learning journey there are several more free courses from Music Lessons Anywhere available on this site. Alternatively you might like to contact Music Lessons Anywhere to arrange personal tuition (prices start at £18.25 per lesson)