Combatting Domestic Abuse

During the summer Terry Henderson started working with the National Centre for Domestic Violence and has since organised a number of workshops.

During the European football championship taking place in June and July this year, I read a quite shocking article about the dramatic rise in cases of domestic abuse that were linked to how well the home nation teams performed. The only thing I could think of doing was highlighting the issue on social media. It was then I saw a post on Facebook from the National Centre for Domestic Violence  (NCDV). I clicked on the link and signed up for a 45 minute online  workshop taking place on the 19th July, the tutor that day was Brian Reilly. Brian explained about the work that NCDV did and how they helped all victims of domestic abuse that contacted them or that were referred to them.

After the workshop finished Brian followed up by email with a worksheet to help you remember the information that you had just learned. I was amazed by how useful what I had just learned was and thought it was something that the CWU could be involved with. I contacted Brian to ask if he would be willing to do some training for the Eastern regional leads and he agreed. In September we held a virtual work which was very well received and raised lot’s of interest. Since then I have arranged a session for the Eastern regional Learning committee and have plans to arrange training for all of the reps and officials in Eastern No5. In the meantime I am participating in the NCDV campaign which is taking place from November 25th to December 10th mainly on social media but also includes a campaign of raising awareness but placing stickers with a QR code in workplace toilets that will take those that need assistance straight to a contact form so they can get help quickly and discreetly. For further information please visit