Education Is The Key

In the past few weeks, it has become apparent how important it is to understand the experience of black comrades in Britain. Understanding is the key to solidarity. Education is the key to understanding. With that in mind we have added a number of video resources to our Member Courses section.

These currently include,

Akala speaking at the 70th Anniversary Of The 1945 Pan African Congress.

David Olusoga, Professor of Public History at the University of Manchester, giving the keynote lecture for Black History Month 2019.

The Stuart Hall Project, a documentary exploring the life and work of one of the founding figures of the school of British Cultural Studies.

The Windrush Generation, a collection of videos detailing the story of those invited to work in Britain after the war, the struggles they faced, the contribution they made to British scoiety and the subsequent scandal around the Conservative Government’s “Hostile Environment” policy, which saw many unlawfully deported from the UK.

All of these resources have been previously available online but we felt it was important to begin a process of pulling together some of the key ideas that are too often overlooked. This will be an ongoing project that will build over time.