Mandatory Training for all CWU Branch Secretaries

We are pleased to report that the new mandatory Branch Secretaries course developed as part of the Proportionality programme of work is now designed and developed and ready to be rolled out across the union.

The training is the result of the following motion carried by General Conference 2014:

This Conference instructs the NEC that all Branch Secretaries shall be provided with mandatory training by the Education and Training Department to support them in their role and that this training shall include gathering and using membership data.

The course has been designed as four modules to be accommodated around the busy work schedule of Branch Secretaries and involves a mixture of classroom based, online and distance learning to minimise the time Branch Secretaries will need to be away from the office. The course will be delivered over a two month period to allow plenty of time for completion of the various activities.

Module 1:
An online module via CWU Left Click will take you through the basics of handling and using data and will cover:

CWU Membership Database
Tools to help you manage and use data
Mapping the membership
Using data for communication
Key policies and the law on data

Module 2:
A one day classroom based session which looks at:
Using data as a campaigning tool
Strategic planning
Campaigning skills
Different techniques for Mapping

Module 3:
Distance and Online Learning via CWU Left Click:

Completion of Branch or workplace campaign project

Module 4:
Classroom based one day session dealing with

Presentation skills,
Campaign project reports
Personal development
Action planning

Full support will be provided by a named online and classroom based tutor as well as technical support from the Left Click team.

We are now working with Regional Secretaries to schedule these courses in each Region and as soon as dates and venues are agreed, we will write directly to Branch Secretaries to notify them of key dates and registration details. This course is mandatory for Branch Secretaries but we may be able to offer additional places for other Branch Officers who handle data for their Branch if requested.

Due to the flexible nature of the course and the varying degree of time it will take reps to complete the modules, formal agreement has not been sought from the employers where we are recognised at this stage. However, Branches will be familiar with Paragraph 27 of the Code of Practice relating to time off for union duties which states that e-learning tools should be used where available and appropriate. It makes the point that their best use is as an additional learning aid and goes on to explain that time normally needs to be given during normal working hours for union representatives to take advantage of e-learning where it is available. We hope this assists branches in achieving local understandings regarding course participation.

Please contact Lee Wakeman in the Education and Training Department lwakeman@cwu.orgif you have any queries relating to this course.