North East Women’s Wellbeing Course A Great Success

On 17th June, the North East Region held a Women’s Wellbeing course at Leeds branch office, facilitated by long-standing CWU activists Jean Sharrocks and Trish Vollans. The course was attended by 10 members made up of officers, reps, members, branch and regional secretaries. The one-day course covered Menopause, Endometriosis, Adenomyosis and other health issues that may affect women.

Discussions around how we can support members of an ageing workforce who are experiencing the menopause, how it impacts, not just on women themselves but work colleagues, partners and family life. Endometriosis was covered and discussed from a personal perspective and this demonstrated the complex and misunderstood condition which can affect work and daily life.

There was a guest speaker, Tanya from the Adeno Gang, an organisation that supports, advocates and informs those with Adenomyosis and other menstrual health conditions. Tanya delivered an informative talk on menstrual health and explained the work they do with the Department of Education Period product scheme, educating young people, engaging through schools and community organisations, for every guest speaker spot Tanya delivers, she then pays it back by delivering a workshop for young people in the community free of charge.

The closing part of the day centred around why these are trade union issues and how we can make changes in the workplace to make life better for our members. There was excellent feedback from all, with a request to deliver this in other regions and for all reps not just women.