Advanced Skills For Reps – Part 2

The CWU’s training programme for activists who have completed the Essential Skills Parts 1 & 2 courses and Advanced Skills 1.

This course is aimed at activists and those who are taking on leadership roles in the union.

This course is delivered with a combination of classroom based and online learning.

During the programme you will receive a thorough grounding in:

  • Your Campaign
  • Political Activity & the Trade Union Movement
  • Increasing Political Influence (Course Project)
  • Approaches to Negotiation
  • Using Statistics & Bargaining Info (Research Department)
  • Preparing for Negotiations
  • HRM in The Workplace
  • HRM Strategies
  • The Impact of HRM
  • Planning Around HRM
  • Mentoring: Practical Application
  • Developing Activists
  • Negotiating for Improvement

This course is designed to ensure that everyone gets the chance to participate fully through working in small groups, taking part in group discussions, role play and practical exercises as well as written assignments. You have to attend both residential weeks to complete this course.


Please note that this course attracts PAID RELEASE from most BT, Openreach, Parcelforce, Post Office Limited, ROMEC, O2 and Royal Mail Group.


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NB The resources are password protected. Please contact if you are enrolled on this course but haven’t received a password.