BAME Activists In The CWU

The CWU is committed to encouraging more BAME members to become involved in the union at every level. We believe this will make us stronger and more relevant in the workplace and in society.

This course includes a full programme of group activities, presentations and guest speakers all facilitated by experienced tutors.


This course is designed to:

  • Help BAME members become more active in the CWU
  • Develop a better understanding of what unions are and how they work
  • Provide an opportunity to build effective support and networks for BAME activists
  • Develop new ideas for how BAME members can work at the heart of the CWU
  • Help YOU become more active in the CWU


BAME activists who have recently taken on a role in the CWU and BAME members considering becoming more active in the CWU.

You can work for any of the companies where we have a presence and do not worry if you have not attended any union events or courses before – our tutors will be there to support you. You will find that union learning is a lot of fun, providing great opportunities for discussion, networking and sharing ideas and experiences.

This course is designed to ensure that everyone gets the chance to participate fully through working in small groups, taking part in group discussions, role play and practical exercises.


This course does not attract paid release.