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When eleven workers working in Post Office Counters’ South East London Remitance Unit were sacked it sparked a campaign that would eventually see the biggest reinstatement victory of its kind.

It was widely perceived that the workers were set up as a result of their support for the Postal Counters pay strike of 1991.

But it took two years and a hard fought campaign by the South East London Postal & Counters Branch, well supported by the rest of the CWU (UPW as was) before the case was heard by an Employment Tribunal.

After 14 days the hearing was adjourned and the then General Secretary Alan Tuffin met with the Post Office and achieved a negotiated settlement which saw all eleven reinstated and given compensation.

11 Good Reasons (Video)

In the following video Moss Haley, then Branch Secretary of South East London Postal & Counters describes events to the UPW of 1993. He is followed by Ernie Dudley, then Assistant Secretary. Finally we hear from some of the REM 11 themselves.

The Story Of The REM 11 (Booklet)

This section contains a downloadable copy of the booklet compiled by the South East London Postal & Counters Branch at the end of the campaign.


Good Luck To The REM 11 (The Post)

This article on the REM 11 appeared in The Post dated January 1993.