Sexual Orientation

LGBT+ people in Britain have seen really positive advances in the last few decades. As a trade union, we can be proud of the part we played in those achievements. However, serious problems remain and unions still have work to do.

Prejudice and discrimination impact the lives of many LGBT+ people, including at work. Our reps have an essential role to play in fighting discrimination, since they’ll often be the first point of contact for members who are having problems. Equally, as a trade union member, we want to actively advocate dignity and respect for each other.

As a union, we have developed an excellent toolkit for our Regional Equality LGBT+ leads. This will give an insight into how the role of the rep can work – some CWU branches have been very proactive and used their by-laws to introduce LGBT+ rep roles into the Branch Committee.

The CWU recognises Trans Women as Women. We stand with our Trans colleagues in the same way that we stand with every part of the beautiful and diverse spectrum that is the LGBT+ rainbow. Click here to see the CWU Statement on Trans+ Rights.