The CWU has a proud record of being ‘disability confident’. Our department gives hands-on, practical advice to CWU members and their reps in relation to personal cases. In addition to this, we have opened the door to lots of awareness around various health issues.

Disabilities and attitudes towards disabilities have largely changed for the better and today there is so much more awareness of hidden or invisible disabilities. We are becoming more neurodiverse-aware than ever before.

We have developed relationships with brilliant organisations, such as ADHD Foundation, who really are experts in neurodiversity. We know that as we grow older, our health can become more complex, and this is likely to happen while we are still working – so it is important we know how Disability Rights can play a really important part in ensuring that we continue to have dignity at work.

Disability laws differ slightly in Northern Ireland where the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 is still relevant; elsewhere in the United Kingdom, the Equality Act 2010 is the relevant piece of legislation.

How much do you know about Reasonable Adjustment and your rights as a person with a disability to have these in the workplace?

Our Document Library has a number of disability-related factsheets for you to read.