A woman’s place is in her union! This is one of the mantras that this union absolutely believes in when it comes to respecting the powerful role that women have. The CWU knows that there are still so many unfair challenges that lie in the path of women, both in the workplace and in wider society, which is why we are pushing a number of really important projects that have women’s interests at their heart.

Misogyny, chauvinism and patronising attitudes towards women are still very evident. Our union movement is not immune from this and we have already seen major investigations into some trade unions that exposed quite shocking sexual harassment.

We have taken the lead in trying to address issues within our own trade union and continue to develop provisions that will instill confidence in women to come forward if they have been subjected to sexual harassment. The CWU will always have the interests of our women members at heart.

We want to inspire women within our own union to have a key role to play and become the next wave of trade union activists and leaders. We have the tools and the necessary vision to support this.

There are many gender-specific issues that become intersectional but we will always have spaces for women in our movement. There are lots of campaigns to get involved in and pathways to become more active, using our comprehensive education programme, which offers a mix of in-person residential training and online learning to enable flexibility in empowering our reps.

The links below are our latest campaigns and information for CWU women.