The CWU Rule Book has written in it a rule that every branch shall have a Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic (BAME) Officer. As part of pushing a positive agenda on proportionality, the CWU is keen to see our union structures reflective of the membership that we serve.

This page gives us a platform to both connect positively with our Black members, and for anyone else who has an interest in issues linked to BAME communities, you will find lots of useful information.

For the sake of clarity, we use the word Black, as confirmed by the TUC anti-racism taskforce, in the context of an umbrella term to bring people together who have a shared history.

When it comes to challenging racism, we are proud to say that the CWU are an anti-racism trade union and employer. We have developed our own Anti-Racism Framework which is an ongoing piece of work taking an innovative approach to addressing racism as we build in links around wealth, inequality and class barriers.

We continue to forge collaborations for the greater good, building capacity and outreach to make society and our workplaces a better and more respectful place to be.